Open Source Tools

This page collects all our open-source tools. All batteries included, just download and start processing your data!

UralicNLP – Multilingual NLP

Our signature Python library UralicNLP, started off as an NLP tool for endangered Uralic languages, but has since then grown to cover many other languages as well. The library provides morphological analysis, lemmatization, generation and syntactic disambiguation for many languages. Not to mention its easy API for the Finnish dependency parser and machine translation.

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Syntax Maker – Finnish NLG

Who said generating Finnish should be difficult? Syntax Maker is the tool for Finnish NLG. It handles morphosyntax by resolving agreement and government rules automatically. Just take a look at this easy tutorial on using Syntax Maker.

[code] [paper] [data – verb complements] [data – locative]

Murre – Finnish Dialects

Dialectal Finnish or puhekieli can be quite the problem for modern NLP systems that are trained on standardized data such as a tree bank. Murre can both normalize dialectal Finnish to the standard written form (kirjakieli) and turn existing sentences into different Finnish dialects.

[code] [paper – normalization] [paper – dialect adaptation]

FinMeter – Finnish Poetry

FinMeter can analyze Finnish poetry for you automatically. It can do simple tasks such as hyphenation, rhyming and meter. Or more difficult ones such as metaphor interpretation, semantic cluster extraction, word concreteness prediction or sentiment analysis.

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Natas – Historical English

Historical data is a very challenging task for NLP systems to handle. When text was written with no standard orthography, there was a huge variation to begin with for how an individual word was spelled. Later on, when these resources were digitized, OCR tools and people writing them down manually introduced a source of noise of their own. Natas can be used to automatically normalize historical English spelling to a modern one.

[code] [paper – normalization] [paper – OCR]

Fallout 4 Custom Dialog Mod

Would you like to tune up your favorite RPG dialog so that it is generated dynamically while the game is running and not scripted beforehand? Now you can! This MOD was used to study creative dialog adaptation.

[code] [paper – mod] [paper – dialog generation]